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Useful Links

The Library at Pendrell Vale – UK based Legacy site

Southern Legacy Players UK – A Facebook Group for Legacy players to hear about events across the country and discuss everything about the format, come and join us!

MTG the Source – Primarily a Legacy forum

Legacy Breakfast – A great UK Podcast on Legacy

Brainstorm Show – American Podcast on Legacy

The Salt Mine – Australian Podcast on Legacy

This Week in Legacy – A very informative series of articles by Australian player Sean Brown on MTG Goldfish


The Leader-Board


Leaguetable - August

 Player Name1st2nd3rd-4th5th-8thTotal Points   
1Tom Brown2111
2Claude Schmit1128
2Callum Smith1128
4Hamish McIver115
4Jay Richardson125
4Joe Baddley115
4Diego Massone125
8Aston Ramsden24
8Juan Carlos Jara14
8Marcelo Scatena14
11Jamie Hardie113
11Thomas Hooker113
11Thomas Kellock113
11Jon Roads113
11James Martens13
11James Mills13
11Autumn Burchett13
18Roland Swingler22
18Lauri Achte12
18Tom Eves12
18Tommasso DeMichele12
18Niklas Ek12
18Eugenio Gomez22
18Karl Naylor12
25Chris Bull11
25Daniele Maccio11
25Francis Cowper11
25Mikko Hirvonen11
25Nathan Western11
25Peter White11
25Sebastian Amrogowicz11
25Dominik Deradjat11
25Edward Paszek11
25Nicholas Genieis11
25Hannah Lissaman11